Kennedy Enterprises has to pay back Walker Stapleton nearly $236,000 for breaching their contract to collect signatures for the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, a Denver District Court judge ruled Friday.

“I feel vindicated because my integrity and the character of the campaign and me individually as a statewide elected official were directly called into question as a result of Mr. Kennedy’s actions,” Stapleton said after the verdict.

PeakNation™ will recall a video surfacing during the campaign with a man named Daniel Velasquez, who claimed to be an illegal immigrant hired to collect signatures to get Stapleton onto the ballot.

Gasp, right?

Stapleton vehemently denied it, the polling company, Kennedy Enterprises, insisted their subcontractor never hired such a person, the media made a huge deal over it despite Stapleton’s denial, yadda yadda, yadda …

Long story short, Stapleton was forced to pull the whole petition effort at the last minute and was able to pull off a win at the GOP convention.

The ruling not only gets Stapleton his money back, but vindicates the Republican and proves he had no knowledge whatsoever of questionable hiring practices that allowed Mr. Velasquez on the payroll.

Too bad Stapleton wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt — when it seriously mattered — during the campaign.