Hell hath no furry like a woman candidate for the Democratic Senate primary race, scorned.

Especially when the scorning comes from her own party.

In this case, it’s six women — more than half of all Democrats challenging failed presidential contender John Hickenlooper in the March 2020 primary election.

They fired off a nastygram to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) demanding they rescind their premature endorsement of Hickenlooper, which came about a hot minute after Hick’s Senate announcement. 

“Washington insiders should watch the race develop and hear from all of the candidates before getting involved. To be clear, this race is not a coronation of any candidate,” the letter adds. “We hope the DSCC will give strong consideration to rescinding its endorsement, and allow Coloradans to decide the outcome of this primary campaign.”

Oh snap!

The DSCC’s spokeswoman fired back almost immediately, telling the ladies politely to pound sand because Hick was their man.

Colorado Politics reports on the fiery exchange. 

The letter is signed by state Sen. Angela Williams, Diana Bray, Lorena Garcia, former state House Majority Leader Alice Madden, Stephany Rose Spaulding, and Michelle Ferrigno Warren.

There are actually seven women running for the Democratic nomination who were snubbed by official Washington. Democratic candidate Trish Zornio didn’t sign the letter.

Colorado Politics goes on to report Hickenlooper received endorsements from U.S. Sens. Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, who no longer have to fool with Hick in the presidential race. 

We’re guessing that’s not going to placate or intimidate the Colorado women who are challenging Hickenlooper for the primary crown.