House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a rare Colorado appearance this week to further divide her Democratic caucus and promote Obamacare over single-payer systems like Medicare for All.

Protestors from within her own party planned to greet Pelosi and her host U.S. Rep. Neguse before the Broomfield event, to acquaint the politicians with their objections.

Those protestors included members from Our Revolution Metro Denver, Our Revolution Boulder, Boulder Democratic Socialists of America, and the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare.

The questions were pre-selected from a friendly crowd, the Denver Post reports.

Pelosi’s message?

Vote for Democratic candidates who support the high-deductible, doesn’t-cover-crap Obamacare mess, over the other Democratic candidates who want government to make it even worse with Medicare for All.

“Nancy Pelosi was right about one thing today, Obamacare has laid the groundwork for 2020 Democrats who want to take away private health insurance from over 3 million Coloradans,” said Kyle Kohli, Republican National Committee spokesman for Colorado. 

“While Democrats continue to debate the quickest way to establish government-run healthcare, President Trump is delivering a booming economy and record job growth. The choice for Colorado couldn’t be clearer,” Kohli said.