We’ve seen some far-fetched spin in our time, but Gov. Polis celebrating a recall effort to roll back an egregious law he supported and signed into law is laughable, bordering on delusional.

He’s excited voters are so angry at him, nearly 229,000 of them succeeded in getting the recall measure on the ballot next year to undo his dirty work and kill the so-called National Popular Vote Act in Colorado. 

The Secretary of State’s office announced this week the recall petitions were approved.

Not unexpected at all, the governor also gave it a shot spinning what the recall actually means for future presidential elections.

Those who side against Polis and vote to recall his law would deal “a major setback effort to reform or eliminate the electoral college,” the governor spins.

But signing onto this national compact means that whoever wins the “popular vote,” a nationwide a method of counting votes that doesn’t even exist, that candidate would automatically win all of the votes cast by Coloradans.

The example: If Colorado votes for Candidate A, but the larger populated states like California and New York vote for Candidate B, then Colorado votes are essentially confiscated and switched without our consent (vote) to Candidate B.

That’s what we mean when we state, repeatedly, the so-called National Popular Vote will steal Coloradans votes for president.

That’s not reform, governor, that’s subverting the will and the vote of your own people to stuff the ballot box and fix future elections.