Mike Johnston is taking his $2.6 million campaign war chest and going home.

He pulled the plug on his U.S. Senate campaign to win the Democratic primary while practically conceding the race among 11 Democrats to John Hickenlooper.

His lame reasoning?

It’s just too expensive, said the candidate who raked in more than any other Democrat — more than $3.4 million.

Hick had less than a million on hand when he dropped out of the presidential race, so we’re not buying the money excuse.

The “spend more time with family” justification is more believable than that.

Johnston also cited all that negativity that would come with politics in general a primary challenge to the establishment-crowned Hickenlooper.

Johnston denies being pressured by the national party in DC to drop out, and mumbled something about climate change.

It’s more likely Johnston is just hedging his political bets.

He’s not willing to lose another primary race along with his huge network of supporters and fundraising base in what’s expected to be the most contentious race in the state.

He can’t keep going back to that well, so he’s saving his political career, and his million-dollar supporter Michael Bloomberg, for a stronger chance at another office.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s seat, perhaps?

We’re not suggesting Bennet win the presidency.

As if.

But if a Democrat did defeat President Trump in 2020, surely Bennet’s the shoe-in for Education Secretary?

Meanwhile, Hickenlooper is going to owe Johnston a huge favor.