Democrats are dropping like flies in the Senate primary race to make way for the anointed one, John Hickenlooper.

This time it’s Dan Baer, a former Obama administration ambassador and the only openly gay man in the race.

Three candidates have dropped out in the three weeks since Hick abandoned his failed presidential bid, and their concession statements are starting to sound like scripts issued by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Hickenlooper, all the former candidates say, is the only viable candidate to take on U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Andrew Romanoff is the only Democrat openly defying orders from Washington to make way for Hick, and says he’s being blackballed for daring to run without their permission. 

Romanoff and Hick are the only men left in the race, the other seven candidates are all women.

Hickenlooper may have name recognition, but he’s not a candidate that motivates voters and it’s unlikely he could ever beat Gardner by himself.

Hick will have to ride the coattails of the Democrat’s eventual presidential nominee when the November election rolls around.

Hick also enters the Senate race with a bare bank account, compared to the nearly $3.4 million that Mike Johnston raised before he dropped out of the race.

John Walsh raked in nearly $775,000, and Baer leaves the race after raising more than $1.3 million.

Any of those men were just as capable of riding presidential coattails as Hick.

What they lack, is the permission from party elders to hold elected office.

Voters be damned.

Colorado Democratic Chairwoman Morgan Carroll should be ashamed of herself for allowing Washington to control the state party.