Democrats have finally found their way back to God.

Not in the spiritual sense in which most mortals make that journey, but in the vapid, political sense they think will help them win the 2020 election.

We aren’t cynical when it comes to matters of faith, but this Denver Post headline surely tests us all.

“We are here today to dispel a myth that somehow right-wing conservatives have a monopoly on faith,” Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll said from behind a podium in Civic Center Park last week. “They do not. Many, many, many Democrats — many people who have been in the party for a long time or who are new to the party — come from strong faith backgrounds.”

To translate, some of Carroll’s best friends have religion, including black Americans of African descent, who have mixed religious and political activities since they were given the right to vote.

Carroll’s also remembered that another large Democratic voting bloc, Hispanics, largely follow the Catholic faith and it turns out Catholics believe in God, too.

Welcome to the 21st Century, Ms. Carroll.

This disingenuous effort to spread the word Dems are now religiously inclusive of Christians, Jews and Muslims extends only to those who wish to join their religious journey to open borders and stop the apocalypse climate change.

It’s a one-time, we’ve-got-religion-offer, to close the “God gap” and defeat Republicans.

The Denver Post explains:

It’s the theory in political science that calling yourself religious and regularly attending services are strong predictors of your political party affiliation, and for the past three decades those voters have largely called themselves Republicans.

And Democrats wonder why liberals are so cynical when it comes to religion, or why minority voters have so little faith in their own elected leaders.