Colorado voters sent a strong message Tuesday their elected leaders have gone too far left off the deep end of the proverbial creek, and soundly rejected Proposition CC by nearly 10%.

With 58 of 64 precincts reporting this morning, 55% said no to more tax dollars being wasted by the Democratic state legislature, and 45% said sure, why not.

And just as we told you earlier this week, Gov. Polis is conveniently out of the country so he doesn’t have to respond to this sound spanking from voters. 

Polis and several other unnamed businessmen are touring smog-filled India on a trade mission to talk about that country’s offerings in renewable energy technology (cough, cough).

We’re guessing early polling numbers suggested Polis high-tail it outta here.

Following the trend, Jefferson, Arapahoe and five additional counties are rejecting measures that would take more of their tax dollars.

Many conservatives, businesses and sane people were ready to just write off Colorado as too far gone after the 2018 election.

But the Prop CC results give us all hope that swing independent voters agree with Republicans that Democrats have gone from fad, to radical, and it’s time for a change.

Meanwhile, we’d like to congratulate Mike Coffman for winning the mayoral election in Aurora.

In Broomfield, anti-energy candidate Kevin Kreeger is in third place for the mayoral race with 30%, while former mayor Pat Quinn is leading with 36%. Kimberly Groom is in second place with 34%.

As expected, Denver was totally in the bag for teacher unions, with Tay Anderson sweeping an at-large seat with 49% over two challengers. 

Scott Baldermann has nearly 50% for the district one seat and Brad Laurvick is leading with 36% in district five.

Win some, lose some, yet the absolute failure of Prop CC is a major win, and we’ll take it.