Stuff we missed cause it broke on Election Day: 

Democratic Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff attacked fellow candidate John Hickenlooper for not doing enough to investigate widespread child sex abuse by Catholic clergy in the state.

Technically, we missed it last week when the Colorado Sun reported Hickenlooper was the only official who had the power to initiate a criminal investigation.

But Romanoff has now made it a campaign issue, criticizing Hick for failing to convene a grand jury.

Former Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says she would have preferred a criminal investigation of child sex abuse in the state’s three Catholic dioceses and that she talked to former Gov. John Hickenlooper about the prospect of launching one.

Hickenlooper’s spokeswoman Melissa Miller is trying to put it back on the former attorney general, saying the governor was not told there were grounds for a grand jury investigation and further investigation is still needed to hold those guilty accountable. 

Romanoff might have found himself an issue against Hick, seeing as the former governor and his people are completely tone deaf to the situation then, and now.