Leave it to Ed Perlmutter to champion an issue so idiotic, his media handler is always on standby with a straight jacket.

Which is why most folks reading the recent headlines about our Democratic congressman sponsoring legislation to study space weather probably didn’t raise eyebrows.

But it’s a slow news day and this was mockery waiting to happen, so we took the bait and clicked the story.

Take a seat, PeakNation, because we have some shocking news to report.

Just so there’s no doubt about our seriousness, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is actually cosponsoring this measure.

Space weather, it turns out, is not caused by consuming water in plastic bottles, driving cars or voting Republican. 

It’s terrifying, and something must be done.

One of the most significant space weather events occurred in 2012 when the sun ejected plasma toward the earth’s orbit. The magnetic impacts could have shut down electric grids.

Lloyd’s of London estimated that the worst solar storm could black out power to 20 million to 40 million Americans in the northeastern United States, perhaps for years.

This bipartisan bill basically directs the federal government to develop technology that could forecast space weather.

Crazy as it may sound, put us down in the “yes” column for supporting technology that could predict a total blackout of our workplace home microwave Facebook page cell phone.