The long-awaited study from the Polis administration on solutions to reduce drug prescription costs released today revealed they haven’t the slightest idea how to solve the problem.

The study “contained little new on the issue and recommended some of the same solutions that have failed to gather sufficient support among lawmakers in the past,” reports Colorado Politics.

That would be the transparency bill to give consumers greater insight to when drug prices are likely to go up.

Not exactly a solution to high drug costs.

Our favorite recommendation — find more countries other than Canada to buy cheaper drugs.

So much for Gov. Polis’s promise to fix our problem through Canada’s medical market.

The study criticized drug companies for spending too much in advertising products, and suggested the FDA crack down on pharmaceutical ads.

We’re all for eliminating those annoying commercials, but it’s not the silver bullet, so to speak, to solve the problem that seems to get worse when market demand continues to get higher with heavy government subsidies.

That’s the study we’d like to see — how much have health care costs skyrocketed since Obamacare took charge of the free market.