Bravo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi!

The California Democrat has unleashed a dastardly plan to protect her House Democrats from embarrassment, and defeat at the ballot box, because of their outrageous impeachment shenanigans. 

At the same time, Pelosi can shield all those senators running in the presidential primary — including Colorado’s Michael Bennet — from having to set aside their busy campaign schedules to participate in a Senate trial, and get their hands dirty.

NBC News reports Pelosi has “no intention” of actually sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate because she doesn’t believe they will rush to judgement and convict the president without a shred of evidence.

You know, like the House Democrats did.

House Whip Jim Clyburn backed her up, and said Democrats might just hold onto the articles for “as long as it takes” to elect a primary presidential candidate get pinky swears from Senate Republicans they will ensure a fair trial.

Despite Democrats’ refusal to produce any actual witness, Bennet says he’s good to go with a conviction, and his presidential campaign schedule just happens to be wide open in 2020.

“The president has made it very difficult for Congress to do the oversight that the Constitution requires and that the American people demand. He’s obstructed and stonewalled at every step of the way … This is exactly what the founders were worried about.”

Dude, you might want to verify that with the founders, under checks and balances.

Because obstructing is exactly what they intended, so that no branch of government could act as a dictator over the other.

You know, like the House is doing by setting this outrageous precedent that it’s okay to impeach the president because he keeps obstructing them and won’t give them everything they demand.

And they never liked him anyway.

And he’s mean.

Probably got cooties.

And the only way they can win the 2020 presidential election, keep the House majority, and have any hope of taking the Senate, is to play this ridiculous tug of war with the articles of impeachment.

Because if Trump is impeached, then Democrats will have handed a very conservative, Christian, Republican, the keys to the White House doors — Mike Pence.