Everyone is out to get John Hickenlooper.

Not just the Public Trust Institute, which filed claims against the former governor charging he broke rules of ethics while jet setting abroad.

Hickenlooper thinks the state ethics commission’s handling of his charges is benefiting his opponents, and suggested Fiat Chrysler lied to him about all of the costs incurred on his trip to Italy.

The ethics commission won’t get to Hickenlooper’s hearing until mid-March, because there’s no meeting room available in the state until then, or something.

Hickenlooper thinks the commission is moving too slow, the Denver Post reports.

“I think they’re obviously going to try to drag it out as long as they can because there will be more questions,” Hickenlooper told reporters at a campaign event in north Denver. “It’s one of those things, the longer they have an issue like this in the media, the more they hope it will taint me, in some way make people think badly of me. That’s modern politics.”

Hickenlooper also insisted to reporters this week he specifically asked Fiat Chrysler whether he had totally reimbursed them for all those Italy expenses, and they assured him he had. 

Hick had no explanation as to why officials told him they were square, but when Colorado Politics called up the company and asked them the same question, Fiat Chrysler said, ah, no. Hick did not reimburse us for that limo … 

“I don’t know what more anybody should do. If you’re going to a conference and you say, ‘I want to make sure I pay for everything’ and they say, ‘Here’s what it costs’ and you send them a check — I mean, are you expecting Governor (Jared) Polis should go and ask to see their financial statements?” Hickenlooper added.


Why is Hick trying to drag Polis under the bus with him?

Is Hick suggesting Polis is breaking state ethics rules as well?

Nice diversion tactic, but it doesn’t appear the media have fallen for it.