How exciting that Senate President Leroy Garcia has promised a “kinder, gentler 2020 session,” Colorado Politics reports.

No more ramming rotten bills down our threats, one after the other after the other without giving Republicans a minute to debate the merits.

No more stealing our presidential votes, stealing our guns, driving our energy industry into the ground, wasting our money … oh wait.

Garcia wasn’t talking about his own party promising to play nice.

That was the message accompanying the proverbial dead horse head in the GOP bed, warning Republicans to sit down and shut up this session so Democrats can have their way without opposition.

Here is Garcia’s not so kind or gentle message to Republicans before the new session even started Wednesday.

“There can be disagreements,” he said. “That’s acceptable…you can have various viewpoints.” But for Republicans to resort to some of the tactics they employed in 2019 is unacceptable, he insisted.

“We are working in conjunction” with Minority Leader Sen. Chris Holbert, R-Parker and want to be collaborative, Garcia said. “We both acknowledged that things could have been different,” but “we’ve got work to do” and won’t be dissuaded “from the work we were elected to do.”

Those “tactics” Garcia speaks, also known as the legislative process, is apparently off limits for Republicans trying to do their jobs and represent their constituents.