How magnanimous of Gov. Polis to ask Coloradans what they want to hear in his state of the state address, after the speech was already written.

But since he asked, PeakNation™ would like it very much if Polis stopped bragging about “free” kindergarten that cost taxpayers millions of dollars last year.

Mostly because “free” is our drinking game word, and we can’t throw back like we used to. 

We’ll be excited to hear which way Polis will lean this year — support or opposition for the energy industry, or just continue to play dumb. 

That trade trip to India during election week which he’s never really spoken about, how about a breakdown of all those jobs that will be created for Coloradans?

And is it just our health care deductible that’s gone sky high? We’d like to hear more from Polis how he’s made health care so gosh darn affordable for absolutely no one we know when they actually need to use it.

We expect a laundry list of new spending will be unveiled, plus a plea to taxpayers to vote out TABOR so Democrats can spend more of our money to keep getting themselves reelected.

And, we’ll hear a heaping pile of politics to help Polis’s frenemy John Hickenlooper in the Democrat’s U.S. Senate primary.

What remains to be seen is whether Polis will bank his own political capitol on climate change to kill us all soon, or WWIII.