Voting for Dummies, the Green Roof Edition

It’s been three years since Denver voters passed the green rooftop ballot measure requiring gardens on all large buildings to save the entire planet from climate change.

After years of trying to make this pipe dream some kind of reality, the city finally came up with regulations to make something, anything happen.

The result, according to Denvervite:

They ended up with compliance options that include things like not having a green roof — and, so far, no green roofs have been built.

Of course the organizer is pretending the complete failure is okay in order to save face.

And liberal Denverites don’t seem to care a hoot about all the time and money wasted on this nonsense, which is no surprise.

But the green roof fiasco should serve as a cautionary tale to voters to become more educated about ballot initiatives that may sound like a great idea, but in reality, are pure crap, completely useless, or possibly quite dangerous.

Like the effort this year to reintroduce the gray wolf on the Western Slope, because ranchers don’t have enough problems trying to make a living without predators killing their livestock and pets.

Animal lovers who live in the city say country folk need the wolf in order to keep the deer and elk population under control.

In other words, animal lovers want to introduce packs of predators to the state in order to kill other animals.

Voters should remember that wolves don’t follow recipes, and will also eat your dogs, cats, goats, buffalo, hares, fish, and birds.