U.S. Rep. Jason Crow submitted a list of questions to President Trump demanding very specific information on our next military moves following the strike against Iran this week.

Crow then demanded top administration officials share all of that information with Congress, which would then leak like a sieve to the media, who could run and tell our enemies all of America’s plans.

Questions like, “What is the mission, scope of responsibilities and timeline for the more than 7,000 additional U.S. troops recently deployed to the region?”

Crow’s entire letter to Trump just hours before the congressional briefing reminds us of the classic Saturday Night Live skit from the Iraq War, and the question from the Baghdad Times reporter: “Where are your troops, and can I go there and count them?”

Only in this skit, it was the media, and not politicians who actually served in the military asking the stupid questions.

For a bit of satirical nostalgia, watch the SNL skit here.