There must be a patron saint for political bloggers.

How else to explain this mana from Heaven — the appointment of U.S. Rep. Jason Crow as an impeachment manager in President Trump’s Senate trial?

We are not worthy, but we accept this great challenge.

Let the mockery and snarkapalooza commence!

First, we should point out the sibling rivalry of sorts this will create in Colorado’s Democratic delegation.

Crow is a freshman, does not sit on any of the committees conducting the trial, has no first-hand knowledge of any of the House impeachment proceedings and has zero experience as a prosecutor.

In other words, Crow is completely unqualified to be an impeachment manager. 

Then there’s U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, who is the senior member of the delegation,  a lawyer, and has all the credentials necessary to be a Trump-hating Democrat bent on his total destruction, and an impeachment manager. 

Having completely passed over DeGette for the honor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed DeGette to hold her gavel for a couple of seconds before sending the Coloradan back into impeachment obscurity.

Which brings us to U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse.

Another freshman, but at least Neguse serves on the Judiciary Committee, actually participated in the impeachment hearings, and has relentlessly campaigned Pelosi for an impeachment manager’s role.

Neguse getting dissed in such a manner signaled the saddest trombone sound, ever.

Neguse been a loyal Trump hater, he pledged to impeach Trump as part of his campaign for Congress, and stood by Pelosi in her contentious House speaker election.

That has to hurt, but Neguse is being magnanimous about the whole thing with his glowing reaction to today’s impeachment managers announcement: 

Wait, that one came later. Here’s Neguse’s reaction: