Television icon Marcia Carsey, who brought Bill Cosby and Roseanne Barr into our homes every week through the shows she produced, is one of numerous Californians contributing to the campaign to hijack Colorado’s presidential election and steal all our votes for the candidates of the Left Coast’s choosing.

And as everyone knows, we said dripping with sarcasm, Californians like Carsey are all about elevating Americans of the highest character.

The Colorado Sun reports 73% of the $1.8 million raised to support the national popular vote in a referendum vote this fall comes from Californians. Carsey donated $100,000.

Why is that?

Because under the so-called popular vote, the states with the largest populations, like California, would get to decide the winners in all future presidential elections, rendering Colorado’s voters entirely useless. 

So it’s in California’s best interest that Colorado remain in the part of the National Popular Vote compact. 

The ballot measure this fall would give Coloradans an actual say in the matter, asking if we wish to repeal the Democratic legislature’s law that stuck us in the compact for California.

Those who wish to preserve our presidential vote have raised just over $800,000, which includes a contribution of $50,000 from U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s leadership PAC.