The Luddite wing of Colorado’s progressive Democrat Party can rest easy, as their millennial overlords have no intention of using the Shadow app that literally overshadowed the party’s presidential contest in Iowa because the damn thing don’t work.

Colorado Democratic Chair Morgan Carroll describes a process not unlike the Pony Express to explain how Democrats plan to cheat count their votes when the March 7 caucus rolls around. 

Caucus leaders in Colorado will use “low tech” methods to report the results, she said.

“They are keeping the original paperwork, they are scanning it and they are sending it in (to the state party),” Carroll said.

That’s it. That’s all the details Carroll offered about their foolproof process.

The Iowa debacle should serve as a vivid reminder to Colorado Democrats not to embarrass the national party again like they did in 2016, when U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders actually won the contest, but Colorado super delegates decided on their own to give the victory to Hillary Clinton.

Multiple news outlets are reporting the Shadow App creator hails from Denver and the company claims to have an office, listed as a residential building in the Highlands neighborhood. 

The company also has offices listed in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. 

Nevada Democrats planned to use Shadow for their Feb. 22 caucus, but reportedly informed the app company operated by former Clinton campaign veterans they will no longer will require their services.