Democrat state Sen. Kerry Donovan of Eagle County was trailblazing women all the way back to the 1950s Sunday in her introduction of presidential not-so-hopeful Elizabeth Warren at a Denver rally.

“We will not be told that we don’t belong in this race — and we sure as heck won’t step aside for someone else to run for president when we know Elizabeth Warren is the best gal to lead this nation,” said state Sen. Kerry Donovan, addressing the crowd before Warren took the stage.

“Gal” — that’s a significant seismic shift in feminist language, and its embrace by such liberal icons as these women will undoubtedly have substantial implications on pronoun signatures that trendy leftists use on their emails to indicate their preferred gender.

Instead of stiff and unimaginative pronouns, we predict nouns will liberate women to proudly sign their emails in a fashion that embrace their own unique personalities, like Girl/Gal/Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

Someone should alert Rush Limbaugh to copyright the National Association of Gals (NAGS) before the phrase makes a full comeback.