A new poll indicating how Colorado voters will cast ballots in the Democrat’s presidential primary on Super Tuesday shows Bernie Sanders with a strong lead over the field.

That’s not a surprise, given Sanders also won the 2016 primary but was robbed by Democrat superdelegates who muscled Hillary Clinton into the spot.

More than half of those participating in the Data for Progress poll said their minds were made up.

Here’s how the candidates ranked:

  • 34% Bernie Sanders
  • 20% Elizabeth Warren
  • 14% Michael Bloomberg
  • 14% Pete Buttigieg
  • 10% Joe Biden
  • 6% Amy Klobuchar

Another poll by Magellan Strategies shows Sanders leading with 27%, followed by Warren with 15%, Buttigieg with 12% and Bloomberg and Biden tied at 11%.

Respondents in the Data for Progress poll overwhelming said they also support a “Green New Deal to invest trillions of dollars in clean-energy jobs and infrastructure over the next ten years to fight climate change.”

What the poll didn’t ask, is if that same 93 % of respondents even realize the trillions in spending include their own money, also known as tax dollars.

The online poll surveyed 471 likely voters.