Now is the time to remind the far left that has taken control of Colorado’s Democratic Party that words have meaning.

And if we are to take their candidates for president at their word, we will all be sitting in the dark soon with no electricity, no heat for our buildings, no chargers for our cell phones, or Teslas.

Not only do Democrat candidates want to pull the plug on Colorado’s economy and America’s power grid, they want to put our neighbors who work in the energy industry in jail, for God’s sake.

The Western Energy Alliance took action this week to bypass the desperate political rhetoric of some candidates who are banking on outrageous, Orwellian promises to push them past President Trump and on to victory in the November election.

They purchased a full-page ad in the New York Times to explain what happens when Democrats flip the switch.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders calls oil and natural gas executives criminal.” 

“Vice Pres. Joe Biden wants us in jail. Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls us corrupt.”

“Were we to be prosecuted, as you promise, and forced to stop providing our life-sustaining products, 10.3 million jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars would be sent overseas to import the energy that Americans rely on. So we will continue to produce the environmentally responsible energy that powers America and enables a healthy, safe, and modern way of life,” the ad says.

If voters are serious about their political decisions, it’s time they start practicing what they preach, and unplug.*

Also, they should avoid mailing in their ballot on Super Tuesday, which just deepens the U.S. Post Office’s carbon footprint, and walk their vote to a ballot station. 

*Those who require electricity for life-saving medical equipment should not unplug.