Did the revelation former Gov. Hickenlooper uses taxpayer dollars from a federal homeland security appropriation to pay his own legal fees for ongoing ethics violation claims shame him into paying for his own legal bills?


Since the payment arrangement was first reported in November, those legal bills keep climbing and now total nearly $80,000, KDVR reports. 

At the very least, Hickenlooper could have found a lawyer that isn’t costing us $525 an hour.

But the ethics investigation into Hickenlooper’s travel while governor didn’t seem to bother Democrat voters when Hick ran for president.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem for Democrat voters in Hick’s run for the Senate, either.

So we guess it should come as no surprise that Democrat voters don’t care they have to foot the legal bills as well.

This is what Democrats must mean when they demand transparency. As long as they know what shenanigans their party’s elected officials are up to, they don’t actually have to be accountable for anything.