Super Tuesday, it was just so embarrassing.

All of the moderate woke Democrats in America voted for the crazy old white dude who will say anything, then forget it in an instant in order to get elected.

But not California, or California Lite, also known as Colorado.

Our far left of left woke Democrats instead won the vote for the scary old white dude who keeps forgetting the socialist experiment failed.

As of Wednesday with 16% of precincts reporting in Colorado, Sanders had 268,652 votes out of 744,690 Democrat ballots cast.

Sanders handily won Colorado with 36% of the vote over Joe Biden’s 23% and Mike Bloomberg’s 21%.

On the Republican side, President Trump collected 589,180 votes out of 636,238 GOP ballots cast in Colorado.

Bernie’s win here was barely mentioned by the national media, probably because the national Democratic Party fix is in for Biden to skate away with their presidential nomination.

Someone should let this guy know because he was wildly off message last  night:

Joe Salazar, a former state representative and a state co-chair of the Sanders campaign said his candidate’s win in Colorado bodes well for Sanders’ prospects in future primaries and in the general election.

“Colorado is a model for the nation,” he said, noting the state’s high percentage of unaffiliated voters.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth in America, here’s how the delegate count stands:

  • Biden: 415
  • Sanders: 338
  • Bloomberg: 38
  • Warren: 29

Sanders only won three states on Super Tuesday, and barely pulled 51% of the vote in his home state of Vermont. His Colorado win was most decidedly not a model for the nation.