Local advocacy group Unite for Colorado released an ad Friday calling on Gov. Polis to end wasteful spending of the state’s 911 economic recovery funds.

The reckless use of the fund, including $80,000 for John Hickenlooper’s private lawyer in an ethics investigation, has continued uninterrupted in spite of widespread media exposure over the last five months.

Check out the ad:

This is money that was supposed to be used for essential government services only, but Polis is using it as a slush fund and that needs to stop.

If the state feels it’s their responsibility to pay for a lawyer when elected officials are accused of breaking the rules as some maintain, that’s one thing.

But to pay a private lawyer more than $500 an hour is just ridiculous and an abuse of the public trust.

Polis needs to start saying no to Hick’s legal bills, because it’s starting to look like Colorado’s going to really need those economic recovery dollars, again.