Democrats like to preach they are the compassionate party, but read closely as Gov. Polis stabs that myth right through the heart with this dick comment.

We grabbed the screenshot Monday night and checked back Tuesday afternoon to find hundreds of comments from outraged workers as well as smug liberals.


Granted, many states are putting in similar measures to protect the population.

But dude! Show some freaking compassion for the working men and women!

Not everyone is a millionaire, some of us actually need to have these things called jobs to buy food and medicine and NOT DIE. Pardon us if we throw a temper tantrum when someone takes away that ability.

Polis’s post had more than 700 comments last we checked, but now we can’t find the governor’s original comment anymore, only the responses. 

And folks are still responding, asking the same basic questions as Shaun McGehan but with no more answers forthcoming from the governor’s office.

We’re no longer just worried about the effects of the governor’s policies on the economy, now we’re doubly concerned that our governor doesn’t even give a sh#! what his policies are doing to the economy and our livelihoods.