U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is working around the clock to help Colorado get the medical supplies we need to keep people healthy. 

Like many elected officials, Gardner put aside politics to make sure his Colorado constituents and health care workers are getting so many needed supplies and assistance.

And not just from our own government — Taiwan just announced that because of their relationship with Gardner, they want to help Colorado and are sending us 100,000 new N95 face masks.

But that’s not good enough for Kerry Donovan, the partisan state senator from Vail, who criticized Gardner on Twitter and downplayed the impact those scarce masks will have in protecting Colorado’s health workers.

It’s a despicable tweet, and after receiving backlash from her own constituents, she’s now trying to backtrack.

The federal government’s response to forced business shutdowns and stay-home orders implemented by Gov. Polis includes billions in stimulus checks and small business loans to keep folks from losing their homes, help feed families, and to make sure there are jobs to go back to when this is all over.

We’d like to remind Sen. Donovan that she too is a lawmaker, and instead of whining on social media, she should be working to get us more supplies.

Meanwhile, failed presidential candidate John Hickenlooper and Gardner’s presumed opponent this fall is using the coronavirus crisis as a fundraiser for campaign dollars. 

That is beyond despicable and quite the contrast — Gardner is worried about the virus killing people, Hickenlooper is worried it will impact his fundraising. 

It’s sad to see that while some of our elected officials like Gardner are being nonpartisan and working day and night with anyone who can help Colorado, others like Donovan and Hickenlooper are following Chuck Schumer’s lead and playing politics.

Leaders are supposed to step up when times are tough, it’s clear Gardner is stepping up in a way that neither Donovan nor Hickenlooper ever could.