The public won’t get a chance to weigh in with comments during tonight’s Denver City Council meeting on whether the government should declare us a state of freeloaders with a moratorium on paying the rent.

The city council is likely to pass their proclamation that calls on Gov. Polis to ban rent collection on residents and businesses until who the Hell knows when.

But even Polis isn’t that far gone to the socialist side, telling reporters today he doesn’t have the authority to suspend contracts.

Polis has already overstepped his bounds by trying to put the brakes on evictions unless it’s due to public safety.

The odds of the city’s actions coming to fruition are slim.

But it’s the sheer audacity of their actions that should have all property owners concerned.

The council would recklessly jeopardize property ownership, which in the end could put renters on the street when owners can’t pay their mortgage.

Adding insult to injury, no property owner will be permitted to exercise their rights and give public comment, because the government has ordered everyone to stay home.

Trying to exercise those rights to protect private property could land you in jail, where at least one inmate has already tested positive for COVID-19.