This is exactly what we were afraid would happen.

Governments so effortlessly laid off millions of workers in the private sector and within a few short weeks had our economy on a ventilator for life-support.

The pandemic response was supposed to last a couple of weeks, now we’ll be lucky if it only lasts a couple of months.

And while we should all be focused on restarting the economy, Democrats aren’t willing to give up their newfound semi-socialist state so easily, plus it’s an election year.

President Trump did the right thing by turning the conversation towards restart. He wants to create an advisory board, which is every president’s prerogative whenever the nation faces unprecedented problems.

But former Democratic presidential candidates including Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet no longer believe presidents — the current one anyway — should be permitted to have their own advisory board to advise them on matters of national importance.

So the former candidates banded together for the completely useless and futile act of introducing a bill that doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of passing anytime soon to be of any use restarting the economy this year.

With the exception of emergency spending bills, legislation doesn’t magically become law in just a few weeks. 

A bill like the one Bennet introduced can take years to pass and he knows that.

He also knows that stalling the restart of our economy through November could lead to the election of more Democrats.