The Secretary of State only has a few days left to formalize ballots for the June primary and yet it’s still unsettled as to which Democrats get a ballot spot in the U.S. Senate race.

Andrew Romanoff is on there for certain, he overwhelmingly won the Democrat Party’s support through their assembly process. 

John Hickenlooper also petitioned his way onto the ballot with the required number of 10,500 signers by mid-February.

Democrats who came up short with petition signatures by the March 16 deadline are suing their way onto the ballot claiming they didn’t have enough time because of the coronavirus.

Denver District Court Christopher J. Baumann ruled that Michelle Ferrigno Warren gets to be on the ballot, although she only collected half the number of required signatures, 5,383.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold has asked the state Supreme Court to reverse the judge’s ruling, which should come down in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Baumann decided this week that Lorena Garcia who collected 9,427 signatures should also be given a ballot spot.

Diana Bray only managed to collect 2,724 valid signatures, which in the judge’s opinion, did not demonstrate statewide support.