It looks like Colorado’s presidential voting power is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

A group that wants to eliminate the Electoral College system here so our votes would be awarded to the same candidates chosen by more populated states like California, has raised $2.4 million for their campaign to support a November ballot measure.

Surprising no one, only 1% of the donors to the Yes on National Popular Vote committee is actually from Colorado, the Colorado Sun reports.

At least two-thirds of the donors are from California. 

The ballot measure will determine whether we keep or overturn a law passed by the Democratic state legislature last year that would eliminate the Electoral College system in Colorado.

A yes vote on the ballot measure means you want to uphold the legislature’s decision that Californians are so fond of, a no vote means the lawmakers mucked up and the law would be invalidated.

While out of state interests are pouring money into the ballot measure battle, the local group leading the charge to protect Colorado’s presidential vote has raised about $881,000 with one-third of the donations coming from actual Coloradans.

The disparity perfectly illustrates whose interests are best served by the ballot measure.