The courtroom dust has settled in the battle over which Democrats get to run in the U.S. Senate primary race to ultimately take on Republican Cory Gardner.

It won’t be Lorena Garcia, who fought all the way to federal court for a shot on the ballot. 

Garcia dropped out of the race after U.S District Court Judge William J. Martinez let it be known late Thursday night her case was on pretty shaky ground.

Ferrigno Warren won’t’ be on the ballot, either. 

Warren accepted the state Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this week and didn’t try the federal appeal path.

Both candidates fell short of the required number of signatures to petition their way onto the ballot.

But like almost everything else that’s being given away in these days of COVID, the Democrats gave it a shot and sued for a freebie slot on the ballot.

Democrats now have a clear choice between two very different candidates, John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff.

Establishment Democrats (old white people) want Hickenlooper and Washington, D.C. has already endorsed the former governor because he will do as he’s told and not rock the boat.

Hell, he can’t even show up for work until a vaccine hits the market and it’s safe for the senior citizen to fly to Washington.

Romanoff is the far left dude for the far-left crowd who’s voice is beginning to dominate Colorado politics. He’s the Green New Deal guy the hipsters adore, but just like his fan base, he’s broke.

With Washington insiders pouring in non-recyclable buckets of money to back Hickenlooper, all he’s got to do is not touch his face in order to win the June 30 primary.