Gov. Polis and other western states run by Democrats are asking Congress for an additional $1 trillion in emergency funding to deal with the economic impacts of the coronavirus.

It’s no wonder Democrats are so desperate for extra money. One need only look to the actions of the Broomfield City Council Tuesday night to understand why.

Republican Councilwoman Kim Groom suggested an ordinance redirecting $1.2 million the feds just gave them to build a bike path, to be spent instead on PPE to reopen Broomfield.

Democrats on council responded: Ha! As if!

A staffer told council they should “petition the federal government to pass another round of CARES funding instead …” and the Democrat-controlled council overwhelming voted it down, choosing bike paths over face masks.

It was clear to see Broomfield doesn’t exactly take their PPE very seriously.

The assistant city/county manager wore his face mask during the Zoom meeting, only to pull it off his nose and mouth whenever he needed to talk.

You can watch the council meeting here.

Democrats need to get their priorities correct.

It was straight-up blackmail for western Democratic governors to threaten to cut off health care unless Congress ponied up another $1 trillion.

Democrats clearly have less important projects and programs that can be put off until the pandemic subsides, and bike paths should be at the top of that list.

In addition to Polis, the letter was also signed by state legislative officials including Senate President Leroy Garcia, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, House Speaker K.C. Becker, and House Majority Leader Alec Garnett.