What kind of socialist refuses to stand with the workers when they are furloughed because of a freaking pandemic?

Democrat socialist and Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, that’s who.

She’s got a million reasons why she won’t take eight furlough days like every other employee in the city as well as the mayor, administration, and the entire city council. Well, except for CdeBaca.

Denver is facing a $226 million loss in this economic downturn and the eight days of furlough are expected to save the city roughly $16 million.

Council President Jolon Clark said the (rest of the) council is cutting their paycheck voluntarily to demonstrate their support for the city’s dedicated employees who continue to work hard through the pandemic and now face mandatory unpaid leave.

CdeBaca also released her own statement and essentially told the workers to go screw themselves. 

“Employees have the right to the truth about our city finances, and the symbolic gesture of electeds writing a check back for a furlough in solidarity with furloughed city workers fails to meaningfully address the plight of those who cannot afford to lose ANY days,” CdeBaca says. “I refuse personally to give any dollars back to a general fund being so grossly mismanaged. Our office will use what would be our furlough savings to continue giving back directly to those who need it most in our community.”

CdeBaca’s excuse for being a greedy little socialist is outstanding in its complete tone-deafness and lack of empathy. 

Because poor people can’t afford to be furloughed, CdeBaca will continue to collect her own check from taxpayer dollars in order to show how that money is being grossly mismanaged.

For her reprehensible behavior, CdeBaca should donate her entire salary for the duration of her term back to charity.