Gov. Polis has certainly changed his tune about his working relationship with President Trump and the federal government to respond to and contain the coronavirus during these never-ending business shutdown days.

He could have fooled us, but Polis insisted during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” that there’s no politics at play there at all.

Host Chris Wallace asked Polis about his meeting last week with President Trump at the White House.

“I wonder, did you get any pushback from some of your fellow Democratic governors, maybe people in the Biden campaign that perhaps it’s not too helpful to be praising President Trump just months before the presidential election?”

Mustering up the best poker face, ever, Polis responded without so much as a smirk:

“We value our partnership with the federal government. There’s a time for elections, there’s a time for politics. This isn’t it. It’s a time for managing a crisis together and I’m doing my best to get it done.”

Really? Because we seem to recall …


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But if Polis insists none of his actions have had anything to do with politics and he and Trump are all buddy-buddy now, then so be it.