The City of Denver isn’t bowing to pressure so much as allowing a slight nod to working families to reopen our businesses and lives — restaurants will finally be allowed to serve meals … in parking lots. 

The alfresco dining areas could expand to sidewalks and streets, which would be in perfect harmony with the city’s biggest asset, glows the Denver Post, pandering from the homeless STRIKE our glorious outdoors!

It’s not much but it’s a start, and restaurants that survived the state-mandated shutdown are desperate to reopen and try to salvage the business. 

Meanwhile, half of Colorado’s 64 counties are begging Gov. Polis to roll back house arrest and loosen restrictions to allow churches, restaurants, and other businesses to reopen. 

Only five counties have been granted reprieves: Eagle, Mesa, Moffat, Rio Blanco, and Sedgwick, the Post also reports. 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Thursday did not provide The Post with requested information on variances that have been granted or denied by the state to date.

This fumbled reopening is a bureaucratic clustermuck with zero transparency on the decision-making process.

It’s ironic how trusting everyone was when Polis asked us all to close our businesses for a few weeks for the greater good of flattening the curve.

Months later and curve flattening, some can’t help but feel the government is only dragging their feet in order to regulate the Hell out of handwashing and sneeze guards.