For those of you wondering if the nationwide protests and collapse of social distancing mean the pandemic is over and it’s safe for our at-risk population to start mingling in public again, quite the opposite is true. 

Health officials now say they are worried all the mass gatherings will actually trigger another COVID-19 outbreak.

Violence never solves anything, and marauding mobs like Denver has witnessed since last week are the exact opposite of what the doctor ordered. 

Breaking the law, inciting riots and vandalism to spark a clash with police who will use tear gas and pepper balls to disperse crowds and restore order — that’s no way to honor George Floyd or solve the problem of police violence.

Fueled by radical left-wing political groups, the anger of a population kept in lockdown for months erupted with a cause other than our liberties and constitutional rights being trampled by the government.

Yet another black man dying at the hands of police is absolutely cause for anger and calls for vigorous prosecution for the officer accused.

It doesn’t call for burning down our cities or vandalizing minority-owned businesses already struggling to stay afloat in Denver. 

Health officials have also warned for weeks those of African descent are also in the high-risk category for being hospitalized or dying if contracting COVID-19. 

Political activists have gone too far, and are only hurting their own cause. 

It’s time to stand down and refocus on the match that lit this fire — police tactics and Minnesota.