Gov. Jared Polis finally came out of hiding to address the five nights of protests and offered a stern warning to the wildings who would vandalize: Don’t worry about it dudes! It’s just spray paint, it will all wash off!

We’re kidding. Polis didn’t call them dudes. He did tell them not to worry about all the spray paint and vandalism because that’s nothing compared to getting killed by police.

We think what Polis tried, and failed miserably to say, is that people should not complain about their property getting destroyed, because they’re not dead.

Wait, that was Polis’s COVID message.

See what happens when so-called peaceful protests turn into mayhem every night for nearly a week?

Your message gets lost.

Polis also described how it made his heart soar to see so many protestors wearing masks.

Oh wait, that’s an old photo from 2018.

For those of you new to anarchy, masks are typically worn by demonstrators so they can’t be identified and arrested.

At Colorado protests officials are now handing out masks to protestors so that’s — different.

“I was glad to see many protesters, hopefully most, wearing masks to protect themselves, and those around them from coronavirus,” Polis said.

Would someone please tell Polis that masks do not protect us from catching the COVID? Does he really not know masks can only protect others from catching our germs? 

Polis did say his greatest fear is not the violence we’ve seen over the last week, but the possible spread of COVID-19.

He urged all protestors — no joke — to maintain social distancing and keep six feet apart. 

He also told protestors to be sure and get their free COVID tests in about a week to make sure they didn’t contract the deadly disease that has crippled our economy and killed more than 100,000.

And just when we didn’t think Polis’s whole spiel couldn’t get any more bizarre, the governor lectured that protesting in the street is not like summer camp where coronavirus contact tracers can find out who the camp counselors and other campers live to warn them they’ve been exposed to the deadly virus.

So when protesting and causing mayhem out there on the street, keep your germs confined to your own crew.

That’s what our governor has to say about all this.