Gov. Polis has extended yet again his “Do As I Say” orders telling us how we are permitted to go outside and what businesses are allowed to serve us and how.

Everyone must maintain social distancing in Walmart, restaurants, and in roving gangs of rioters who are free to vandalize so long as they remain six feet apart.

The COVID no longer applies to the far left-wing, who by mob rule wants to dictate whether it’s safe to go outside until the June 30 election.

Polis actually said during his press conference that everyone should stay home unless they find it unconscionable to do so because of what happened in Minnesota.

And just so we’re clear, Polis has extended his emergency rule until July 1, which is the day after the election.

Protestors are kidding themselves if they think the message they are driving home is the desire to protect African Americans from police brutality.

Floyd’s family has called for calm and peaceful demonstrations to honor George’s memory.

By continuing to incite violence across the state and country, protestors are proving this goes beyond police brutality.

The anarchists are now in control and proving that elected officials like Polis are too cowardly to return law and order to our streets. Obeying the law is no longer politically correct.