Just a day after being subpoenaed to testify at his own ethics hearing by the Independent Ethics Commission (IEC), the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (aka John Hickenlooper’s DC bosses) decided to bring in a new high-priced D.C. lawyer to try and help him avoid it.

Marc Elias is well known for being a Democrat Party promoter. Elias previously served as the top lawyer for former Florida Senator Bill Nelson during his failed 2018 election recount. He also served as general counsel for John Kerry in 2004 and Hilary Clinton in 2016.

Elias is known to love the media. Immediately after being named Hick’s new lawyer, he held a press call with Denver area reporters. The only problem though was that he wasn’t up to date on the merits of the case against Hickenlooper, as he was immediately caught in a lie.

Clearly the DSCC and Chuck Schumer are highly concerned about Hickenlooper’s lackluster and blundering performance in the primary thus far so they decided to send Elias out to Colorado to limit the PR damage of his pending ethics case to Hick’s flailing campaign.

Hick’s new lawyer doesn’t exactly have “Colorado Values, but he does have deep ties to extreme left-wing donor George Soros. Soros has invested millions into Elias and his firm to fight for extreme candidates and left-wing positions.

Recently, Elias and his firm even threatened to sue the state of Nevada if they didn’t allow ballot harvesting and sending ballots to inactive voters for their June primary. He also told them to stop verifying signatures with official records.

If this is the type of person Hick is relying on as a Senate candidate, he will need more than just the media covering for him.