In a brutal day for John Hickenlooper, the Ethics Committee voted unanimously to hold the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in contempt for defying a subpoena to appear at his own ethics hearing. 

Hickenlooper’s taxpayer-funded lawyer maintained all day that Hickenlooper would not honor the subpoena, before completely flip-flopping at the 11th hour. In an embarrassing moment for everyone, Hick’s lawyer wasn’t even able to get him on the phone.

The flip-flop did not go over well with the Ethics Commission, which had just spent 6 hours doing their job and evaluating Hick’s egregious ethics abuses. 


The commission will reconvene Friday to decide what penalties to impose on Hickenlooper for his complete “disregard for the rule of law.” 

Meanwhile, at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Chuck Schumer is most likely asking his aides to get Andrew Romanoff on the phone, stat!