Video surfaced today of ethically-challenged Senate candidate John Hickenlooper comparing his time as governor to being a slave on a slave ship.

Political activist and Denver School Board Director, Tay Anderson, tweeted out the video this morning, saying it was from a Make A Wish event Hickenlooper attended on June 3, 2014.

This video comes after a report surfaced last week that Hickenlooper championed, “the widely rebuked ‘broken windows’ theory of policing, which argues that cracking down on small petty crimes and nuisances like trash-strewn lawns is an effective way to stop crime overall. As mayor, Hickenlooper hired one of the original architects of the broken windows theory, criminologist George Kelling, as a consultant to advise the Denver Police Department.”

Hickenlooper released a statement apologizing for his insensitive remarks, but that only made matters worse.

Anderson wanted more than apology and called on Hickenlooper to undergo “equity and implicit bias training.”

Now, we wait and see if the liberal media gives Hickenlooper a pass for these atrocious remarks or will they ask him about it at tomorrow’s primary debate?