With the election just a week away, has John Hickenlooper blundered himself into a competitive race for the Democrat’s U.S. Senate primary election with Andrew Romanoff?

It certainly looks that way.

The old guard of the Democrat Party has called for all hands on deck to bail out their favorite establishment politician, the Denver Post reports, and perfectly sums up this clustermuck of a primary.

Bruised for weeks by revelations of unethical behavior, racial gaffes and unforced tactical errors, the former governor and longtime front-runner in the U.S. Senate race has sought help from the same Democratic establishment that coaxed him into the contest last August, despite his own deep-seated reservations.

Remember when Hickenlooper complained to everyone he didn’t even want to run for the Senate and he didn’t actually want to be a senator?

Hickenlooper has so far certainly succeeded in making every mistake possible to dissuade voters from electing him. 

“Judging by the actions of the candidates, it’s actually looking like a somewhat more competitive race than I would have expected,” said Seth Masket, a professor of political science at the University of Denver. “Hickenlooper is spending like crazy and a lot of people are rushing in to defend him, seemingly out of some concern there’s a chance that (Andrew) Romanoff could win this thing.”

Gov. Polis doesn’t even want to be associated with all of Hick’s nonsense and is furious with Romanoff for reminding voters what the Democratic Party truly looks like.

Here’s the ad:

You can practically smell the despair coming from the Hickenlooper camp.

Their candidate was crowned as front-runner from the very beginning for the simple reason that he was breathing.

Now that Hickenlooper’s opened his mouth and showed voters how frightfully unfit he is to hold office, his chance to be a do-nothing senator is slipping away.

They really should have kept him locked up in the basement with Joe Biden.