Does the Democrat Party care at all how insulting and demeaning their candidate for the U.S. Senate is when it comes to statements and actions about race?

Because there goes John Hickenlooper, again, making an ass of himself.

This photo was taken less than two years ago at the “One Shot Antelope Hunt” in Wyoming.

We believe the term is cultural misappropriation. 

And in this photo, Hickenlooper is shown to be one of the losers who are called “squaws.” 

If you want to know just how disparaging that term is, call U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell and ask him. 

Legend has it Campbell can command a string of swear words from the ether to explain exactly how offensive the term is to Native Americans. 

The only media to report on the photo and calls for Hickenlooper to drop out of the Democratic primary election is The Hill, an inside-the-Beltway publication. 

As of this writing, Hickenlooper has not made an apology or any statement since the photos and demands began circulating Sunday on Twitter.

Hickenlooper will likely get around to apologizing for this latest offense to Native Americans before the election outcome is announced Tuesday.

He’s probably still busy making amends to black America for belittling the abuse of slaves, his ignorance that George Floyd was shot, and insulting the most powerful wing of the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter.

It’s laughable that old guard Democrats thought Hickenlooper was completely harmless and could cruise unscathed through a primary election to beat Republican Cory Gardner this fall without any trouble at all.