After $7.5 million dollars was spent to drag John Hickenlooper across the finish line, Chuck Schumer got his wish — John Hickenlooper will face off against Senator Cory Gardner in the general election.

This will make for a fun race to watch because Gardner came out swinging Tuesday night, labeling Hick as “the most corrupt governor in the history of Colorado.” And the best part about that little factoid is it happens to be true.

Gardner kept the heat on Hick in a round of local TV interview on Wednesday morning, and Hickenlooper–who should be taking a victory lap the day after a primary win–was no where to be found.

This comes after Hickenlooper refused an interview with the New York Times, and if you’re a Democrat who is too afraid to talk to the New York Times you have serious problems.

Hopefully Chuck Schumer lets Hick out of his windowless basement soon, but we aren’t holding our breath…