A complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) says John Hickenlooper’s campaign illegally coordinated with U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s dark money Super PAC.

It’s illegal for any person on a political campaign to coordinate strategy or advertising with a Super PAC, but that is exactly what Team Hick is accused of doing.

According to Kendra Arnold who heads the organization that filed the complaint, there is a clear pattern of facts that shows “coordination between Hickenlooper’s campaign and Senate Majority PAC. Hickenlooper posted a ‘request or suggestion’ ask using language we have seen several times in the past. The fact that 12 days after the ask was published Senate Majority PAC ran the advertisement leads me to believe there was coordination between the campaign and super PAC.”

It’s ironic Hickenlooper is now under investigation for coordinating with a Super PAC to mislead voters in an ad about those other times he broke the law.

However, it’s doubtful voters ever bought Hick’s lies in the first place, and being saddled with another investigation certainly won’t help his cause.

The complaint also says the Super PAC used B-roll footage that was directly lifted from a previous Hickenlooper ad, even though “Super PACs are prohibited from using campaign materials, even if that content can be found publicly online.”

But none of this is really all that surprising coming from the “most corrupt governor in Colorado history.”

As we keep learning time and time again, when it comes to Hickenlooper’s campaign team, stupidity knows no bounds.