It was only a matter of time before the teachers’ union weighed into the debate with their demands on how best to reopen schools.

You know, for the children.

If the union demands are not met, teachers will not report to work to teach our children. 

You know, for the children.

First demand, the Colorado Education Association says their 39,000 teachers, counselors, nurses, bus drivers and other support staff members must have a vote to approve reopening conditions.

Union members also want clarification as to who will provide their personal protection equipment, which would protect them from the children.

They are demanding transparency in tracking the virus. And finally — for the children for real this time, we think — whey want equitable access to education tools.

And if teachers don’t get their way? The union, on behalf of the teachers, is threatening they will quit their jobs.

This must be the new normal we’ve been hearing about for months, how the virus will change the marketplace, eliminate businesses and put people out of work unless you’re a teacher. 

Teacher unions have stirred up a lot of sympathy with the media and many parents through multiple walk-outs in the past several years in order to get raises and more benefits.

But union leaders should tread cautiously in this time of COVID.

They’re not as immune as they think from a public rebuke this time.

Parents who weren’t cut out for home schooling, or have to go back to working for a living, aren’t in the mood for union antics.

Medical knowledge, not union politics, should dictate how schools will reopen.