The Democrat’s ethics-plagued U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper says he raised $5.2 million this reporting period but only has $4.6 million cash on hand.

That’s less than half of Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s campaign war chest of nearly $10.7 million in the bank. Plus, Gardner raised $3.6 million this period from supporters.

The fact Hickenlooper is having to spend more money than the candidate can even raise at this point in the election highlights a campaign in complete disarray, and is terrible news for Team Hick.

Gardner Campaign Manager Casey Contres released a statement trashing Hickenlooper’s mismanagement of campaign resources, and explained Team Hick’s reason for lighting money on fire right now is probably because they need “to bail out their ethics-plagued candidate.”

What’s even more staggering is Hickenlooper’s cash-on-hand compared to other Democrat Senate candidates in top tier races across the country.

In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham has $6.6 million in the bank. In Arizona, Mark Kelly has $24 million cash on hand, and Steve Bullock in Montana has $7.4 million in his campaign coffers.

Even more embarrassing, Hickenlooper’s campaign touted raising money from “all of Colorado’s 58 counties,” even though there are actually 64 counties in Colorado.

Instead of a debate, Democrats should have held a geography bee for their candidates. Voters would be very interested to know which six counties Hick forgot.

He really should get out of Denver more often.