Back in late April when Colorado was one of the first states to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19, it was the only state with a Democrat governor to do so.

This did not fit the media’s narrative that only Republicans who don’t believe in science were reopening early.

The media insisted that while Democrat politicians were acting responsibly and protecting their constituents, Republicans were sending them to the coronavirus slaughter.

Even though Colorado and Georgia reopened at the same time in the same ways, Georgia’s Republican governor was accused of human sacrifice and mass murder while there was no mention of Gov. Jared Polis’ decision to reopen Colorado.

For a mainstream media driven by an overarching desire to elect Democrats while inflicting wounds on Republicans, the inconvenient reality of Colorado’s reopening undermined their predetermined narrative, so they just swept the facts they didn’t like under the rug.

Now the media is at it again.

Despite spending months fawning over New York’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo — even after New York recorded more coronavirus cases than any other country in the world and it was exposed that New York’s massive death toll could be attributed to Cuomo’s failures to protect nursing homes — the media decided they still hadn’t done enough to help the Democrat politician.

Not only did they need to protect and elevate Cuomo, but they needed a Republican for comparison. The only problem? No Republican state could come close to the coronavirus disaster that Cuomo allowed to run rampant in New York.

Just as with Colorado’s reopening, the media wouldn’t let a minor annoyance like reality get in the way of their predetermined narrative so they just ignored it.

Instead, they descended on one of their favorite targets, Republican Florida Gov, Ron Desantis, and filled their airwaves with breathless and frenzied reports about the sheer horror of coronavirus in Florida and how Florida would soon surpass New York as the epicenter of the virus.

What the media fails to report is that despite having descended from its peak of deaths in April and May, on many days New York still has more deaths than Florida.

Indeed, to this day, New York’s nursing homes alone have had 50% more deaths than the entire state of Florida. All of this on top of the fact that Florida’s population is 10% larger than New York.

Here are two graphs comparing coronavirus deaths in New York versus Florida between March 1 and July 12.

Despite New York having more deaths than most countries in the world, thanks to the media’s biased coverage Gov. Cuomo is basking in approval ratings of 72% for how he handled the pandemic that infected 400,000 and killed more than 32,000.